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Introducing Our Latest Cloud Phone Feature, SMS!

We have a huge new feature announcement: Business-Class SMS For the Cloud Phone Mobile App! You can now send and receive SMS text messages from your Cloud Phone mobile app to any number in the US or Canada. With the whole world going mobile, texting is not only convenient but also extremely effective.

Upgrade your mobile app now and send a text!

"Over 80% of people use text messaging for business, and 15% said that more than half their messages are for business purposes." - eWeek

Business Benefits

Communicate efficiently and instantly. The response rate for a text is 45% compared to just 6% for email. With business-class SMS, you’ll ensure that your audience receives important news and updates.

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How to get started

Already a Cloud Phone member? Just update your mobile app to the latest version and you're good to go! If you're not a Cloud Phone user, you could sign up by downloading the mobile app!


How do I add text messaging to my monthly CP plan?

SMS is automatically included in all existing plans for new and existing users at no additional costs!

Can I make/receive calls and send/receive SMS from the same number or do I need a separate business number for SMS?

Yes, you can use the same business number for both calls and SMS!

How many text messages can I send/receive with my monthly plan?

It will depend on your plan. Basic = 1000/month, Plus = 2000/month and Pro= 5000/month

Can I send text messages to international numbers?

Text messages can be sent to numbers in the US and Canada. Mexico support coming soon...